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Our Process

Design is something truly personal and we treat your design as such. To begin the process we get to know you better because in order to work with you as a client we must understand you as a person. The lot/space/construction site that is currently awaiting you to fill it should meet your needs, fulfill your wants and be uniquely you.
Through Tigan Ink’s design process we will tell the story of your life through your home. Design brings out the best of the wood, concrete, steel and tile because it tells the story of you, who lives here, how the home is lived in and where the priorities of the owners lie.
The design of your home will tell your story, in every couch cushion, every line of tile and in every nook and cranny. Our purpose is to bring your story to life in the design of your home.

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Principal Designer

I come from a long line of gifted women, women who could not only image up great master pieces but women who also knew how to accomplish them. Most of these women weren’t of great means but they never cease their wonderful abilities to create. There are many reasons to love design. Perhaps one of the greatest reasons is the opportunity to build upon the classics and compose something new.

A few years ago my husband and I spent a summer abroad. Through out the day I would stand in many marvelous and breath-taking spaces. Spaces filled with gilded balustrades, plush velvet settees and marble hallways but by night we would return home to a small village 40 minutes outside of Paris. There, we were greeted with simple but elegant floral draperies, warm hard wood floors and white linen upholstery. It would have been obvious to any untrained eye that these spaces differed in grandeur but what truly made these interiors sparkle was not simply their tangible combination of earthly treasures but rather an elegant partnership between the physical and the heart and soul left by those who dwelt before and those that reside today. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. – John Keats”

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